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Pilates Work Out

About Us

At Express Fitness our approach is what makes us the best value in Crescent City and we have proudly continued that philosophy since 2002. It doesn’t matter if you have never worked out before or are just ready to take it to the next level. At Express Fitness, we will help you get where you want to go. Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But at Express Fitness we make it fun — and we’ll help you find a fitness routine that works for your lifestyle and personal goals.  Our goal is for women in Del Norte & Curry Counties to have a comfortable, non-intimidating space to work out and get the support needed to improve their health. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. We also know that showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest.

Fitness Center


Our fitness center offers a variety of fun options to get you fit in a fun, non-intimidating environment.  We have cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and recumbent bikes for your calorie burning pleasure. We have free weights to tone you up and increase your metabolic rate.  Plus we have a hydraulic circuit that is a strength and cardio workout all in one quick, fun 30 minute workout.  You will be personally trained on our equipment by our ACE Certified Trainer so you will know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.


Heated, Gentle, Restorative & Flow Yoga, Barre & ZUMBA@ !


Tabata Bootcamp will change the way you think about exercise! New research reveals that we should focus on what happens AFTER exercise is over. Workouts are short in duration & designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the exercise is over. We offer 3 on-going classes per week. Call us for more information.


Weight Loss Program

With demanding work schedules and busy lives, few people can bring about necessary changes in their lives without outside support. Our meal replacement program provides effective tools along with easy to use, tasty foods, clinically proven and scientifically formulated.  Best of all, while you are on the program you will receive the services of a free Health Coach that will guide you through your weight loss journey.

Personalized Training

Work together with Anita, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Instructor and Health Coach to create a program tailored to your needs. She is also a 200 Hr E-RYT Yoga Instructor, Powerhouse Pilates and NESTA Certified Pilates Instructor, Tabata Bootcamp and Barre Above Certified Instructor. 

Semi-Private Session

You and a workout partner can share a 30 minute or a 60 minute session.

Private Session

One-on-One training for 30 or 60 minutes.

Group Sessions

Get your friends together for a workout party! 30 or 60 minute sessions available.

Metabolic & Fitness Analysis

Our dual analyzer is the gold standard in testing metabolic and fitness levels.

Metabolic fitness testing takes about 30 min. and is best done in the morning before coffee and eating. Fitness testing also takes about 30 min. and is best done in the afternoon about an hour after eating.

Metabolic Testing


To lose weight knowing what your metabolic rate is can be very helpful in your efforts.  This is a breathing test that will tell us what your metabolic rate is and how fast or slow your metabolic rate is running. We enter a weight loss goal and the analyzer will tell you how many calories to eat to lose weight. And how long it will take you to lose weight.  All of this information and more will be printed out for your records.

Fitness Testing


This test will tell us how well you use your oxygen while you work out. It requires the use of a treadmill where we walk slow at first and slowly increase either the speed or incline of the treadmill. No running is required. When we are through you will receive a print out that will tell us how fit you are, target heart rate zones to help improve your fitness level, and how many calories you burn at different heart rate levels.

Both Metabolic & Fitness Testing


Get both of the above tests for a savings of $9.99

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